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Renesons Energy Polillo, Inc. (REP)

A MASE Power Company, is a new power provider (NPP) generating electricity for its partner distribution utility in accordance to the authority issued by national regulatory agencies.

Licensed to generate 5.5MW electricity, our state-of-the-art power plant is operated by a qualified team of Engineers and supplies uninterrupted power to the entire Polillo Island, comprising the three (3) municipalities of Polillo, Burdeos, and Panukulan, since May 2019.

Polillo Energy Agro-Park Renesons

Polillo Agro-Industrial & Energy Park

The Polillo Agro-Industrial & Energy Park is envisioned to provide stable, scalable, and sustainable energy to the island of Polillo.

In partnership with its affiliate company, NYOGU Industries, Inc., a modern coconut oil mill will rise. This will bring the industry closer to the source of raw materials since the island has abundant coconut resources.

The introduction of the modern oil mill is expected to improve the quality of coconut products produced on the island and reduce CO2 emissions from copra-making.

The Polillo Agro-Industrial & Energy Park is an innovative and sustainable model for off-grid island communities which will benefit both the people and our planet.

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