Our Businesses

Our Businesses

MASE Power

A MASE Power Company, is a new power provider (NPP) generating electricity for its partner distribution utility in accordance to the authority issued by national regulatory agencies.

MASE Builders

MASE Builders Inc. (MBI) is engaged in general construction and other allied activities including renovation, developing, building, project supervision and management, site preparation, or otherwise engaging in any work on various structures

Airport Cafe

Cookie Cafe Franchise System Inc. a quick-stop convenient and comfortable coffee lounge at the pre-departure area of the NAIA 3 Airport, providing essential meals and snacks for traveling passengers on the go.

Move Us Inc.

Move Us Inc. (MUI) is engaged in conducting, and carrying on the business of buying from manufacturers, wholesale and/or retailers, selling, distributing, and marketing at wholesale/retail all kinds of goods and merchandise.