Transformative Success: Reflecting on MASE in ACTion Team Building 2024

The MASE in ACTion team-building event on June 14-15, 2024, at Tampay in Sinagtala, Orani Bataan, was an unforgettable and transformative milestone for MASE Citizens. This year’s theme, MASE in ACTion, embodied the principles of Achievement through collaboration, Contribution to the company and community, and Transformation at both personal and organizational levels.

The event commenced with a series of activities designed to emphasize the importance of teamwork, strategic thinking, coordination, and communication.

The team began with an energizing Zumba session, setting a lively tone for the day. Teams then came together to create flags and cheers, fostering creativity and unity. The Jump In, Jump Out activity enhanced coordination and trust, while the Human Wheel promoted strategic planning and teamwork. The Leaky Pipe challenge tested problem-solving skills and communication, and the Pass it activity encouraged smooth coordination and collective effort.

Following the team-building activities, participants had free time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Each employee received a voucher to explore Sinagtala’s exciting attractions, including the daring sky bridge, the adrenaline-pumping sky bike, the heart-pounding sky swing, the breathtaking sky zipline, and the Aerial Walk.

The day concluded with a dinner and social night with the theme “MASE Pantropiko.” As MASE Citizens, participants embraced the opportunity to learn and adopt the culture and behaviors that define them. By engaging with fellow members and mentors, they shaped their identity, purpose, and sense of belonging, guided by the MASE Core Values.


The team-building event demonstrated our commitment to fostering a cohesive, collaborative, and dynamic work environment. By participating in these activities, we enhanced our team’s effectiveness, morale, and overall satisfaction. The MASE in ACTion Team Building 2024 was a significant step in strengthening our bonds and elevating our collective spirit. We look forward to many more enriching experiences in the future.